Gold - Full Valet

Restoration and Protection Program. This is ideal for cars which are in need of a little love and attention. This valet really will leave you car looking like brand new, and more importantly, provides your paintwork protected against the elements. Included in this is: 1) Wheels and arches cleaned 2) Vehicle TFR pre washed 3) Exterior wash and rinse 4) Vehicle bodywork fully dried 5) Door shuts cleaned and dried 6) Rubbish removed / ashtrays emptied 7) Full interior vacuum inc. boot area 8) Interior plastics cleaned and dressed 9) Carpets, mats, seats and boot area wet vacuumed 10) Interior fascias cleaned and dressed 11) Windows and mirrors cleaned 12) Exterior bumpers dressed 13) Tar spots removed from bodywork 14) Exterior bodywork waxed and polished 15) Metal and chrome treated 16) Wheels hand polished 17) Tyres dressed 18) Engine bay cleaned and dressed



£70 - Small eg Ibiza
£80 - Medium eg Leon/Exeo
£100 - 4x4 & Van's

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