Genuine Parts in Westerham Kent

If you're faced with a choice of a Genuine manufacturer’s Part or a non-approved part, it's worth considering a few facts. SEAT's reputation for reliability wasn't achieved just through compromise nor was our consistent Motorsport success gained by cost-cutting. But there is always someone that says they can supply the part cheaper and better. The manufacturer’s spend hours of their time and millions of pounds making sure all the parts work in harmony and to last the test of time, for this reason SEAT’s warranty covers both Part’s and Labour.

That said when a car is designed in conjuction with a specialist in a certain field like Bosch, Girling or Siemens, their research and design is where the costs are, so they can supply parts to the Aftermarket of the same quality. Many copy parts are rarely produced to the same specification and tolerances as a genuine part, if they do they often end up costing the same or even more than a Genuine part. This does not mean we only fit genuine parts, we can source parts for every vehicle and every budget.

The warranty on a genuine SEAT part is among the best, any new or exchange part which comes defective due to faulty manufacture or materials will be repaired or replaced free of charge by a SEAT dealer. This warranty applies for 24 months with an Unlimited Mileage. Other manufacturers warranties differ. An aftermarket warranty only covers a 12 month period.

Westerham Tip

If an Aftermarket part fails, (ie a water pump), the water pump will be replaced free of charge, but the 2-3 hour labour would still be chargeable to the customer. This is why we recommend using Genuine parts where possible.

There are no substitutes for genuine parts

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