Servicing in Westerham Kent

No race driver ever won a race without a first class pit crew. And that's how we at Wolfe Westerham Garage look at the job of servicing your vehicle. Our aim is to keep you on the move with top quality care.

Ours is a service designed to:

  • Maintain the reliability of your vehicle and protect its resale value.
  • Support owners for life, however old your vehicle and wherever it is purchased.
  • Provide peace of mind and value for money, through knowledgeable and honest advice, unrivalled technical expertise.

Wolfe Westerham Garage commits unreservedly to delivering the highest levels of service and value. Such commitment, we hope you'll agree, makes us the only choice for all your servicing and maintenance needs.


Our Service Promise: Trust, convenience and value for vehicles of all ages.

Here are some of the ways in which we deliver clear, long-term value:

  • Menu-based pricing for most jobs - with clear quotes, and no extra work done without your permission.
  • Specialist tooling and technology - including advanced diagnostics to maintain optimum engine management performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Mobility and convenience - we offer courtesy vehicles including a collect and return service for appointments to avoid disruption to your busy schedule.

Always feel free to ask our advice. Whatever the age of your vehicle, and whatever the size of the job, try us first.


  • All Makes Servicing

    At Westerham Garage our Service department can provide you with a quality of Service second to none and at a price you can afford.


  • Your car air conditioning system loses up to 15% of it's refrigerant every year. A poorly performing car aircon system can cause a build up of fungus, bacteria and other microbes growing inside the evaporator core causing a smell, sometimes an allergic reaction and can even lead to E COLI and MIRSA*.
    You should have your car air con system serviced every 18 months to 24 months - it will state this in your car manufacturers service guide, yet when your car receives a standard service, your A/C system is not included. A poor aircon system can …

  • A brake fluid change is not covered as part of a normal service*. However, we do recommend that the brake fluid in your braking system be renewed every two years.

    Brake fluid is vital to your safety (and the safety of others) as is any other component in your braking system. But just as brake pads, for example, don't last forever; brake fluid too has a finite life. Over time it absorbs moisture, which lowers its boiling point and leads to inefficiencies in the braking system.

    Eventually this could cause your brakes to fail altogether. Please …

  • Air Conditioning System Clean-up

    We recommend a yearly freshen-up for your air conditioning system. This quick and efficient clean-up treatment eliminates fungal and bacterial contamination and provides a safe and thorough solution.

    As from 4th July 2010, your air conditioning system can only be maintained or serviced by an ATA Accredited Workshop, something that we are proud to say we are.

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